Free Nose® Nasal Aspirator + Refills


It helps to remove the secretions from the baby’s nostrils. It is indicated in flu processes, colds, sinusitis, and all those pathologies that course with runny nose.

Available in:

Plastic box with a nasal aspirator and 4 anatomical soft tips packed individually in sealed flow packs.

Carton box with a blister with a nasal aspirator and 3 anatomical soft tips.

Carton box with a blister. It contains 10 anatomical soft tips.

Carton box with refills packed individually in sealed flow packs. It contains 10 or 20 anatomical soft tips.

Pediatric (+0 months).

Shelf life: 5 years.


Product with MDR CERTIFICATION. If you want to know more information for this, click in here



The Free Nose anatomic aspirator for babies has been designed to help in the daily cleaning of baby’s nostrils. It sucks out the mucus to ensure that your little one can breathe freely. It is easy to use, hygienic and safe, due to its unique design with extra gentle tips.

The nasal aspirator allows you to control the suction force needed each time, so that you get a gentle and effective removal of mucus from the baby’s nose.

The product can be used every time the baby has excessive nasal secretions



1- Lie your baby face up in a safe and comfortable position.
2- Fix the disposable tip on the body of the aspirator.
3- Insert the tip of the applicator into the baby’s nostril and apply gentle suction through the nozzle. The filter traps the  secretions, so as to avoid any possibility of ingestion.
4- Repeat the action in the other nostril.
5- Remove the applicator with the mucus drawn out and throw it away.