our pilot plant

Specialized in
Development and Innovation

Pharmalink facilities include a specialized lab and pilot plant dedicated to Innovation and development that allow us to scale up the developments from laboratory trials to pilot up to industrial scale.

Several independent clean rooms with filtered air, temperature and humidity controlled and GMP design, help us in the development and scale up of our products, the key to success and speed up industrialization process.

Our modern installations are provided with different technologies to develop: target delivery solid dosage forms, microemulsions, liquids, semisolids and nasal spray aerosols.

Stability studies are carried out in house thanks to our ICH compliant climatic chambers, that reproduce the average climatic conditions regarding air moisture and temperature, of the different countries in which Pharmalink’s products are commercialized.

Quality of all products developed at Pharmalink, is certified by our team of analysts and quality control and microbiology lab, in which different quality attributes such as organoleptic, physic-chemical, microbiology and content of functional ingredients are studied in the development phase and during all the shelf-life of the final formulations.

In summary, laboratory and pilot plant equipment and our qualified development team help us to build up quality by design, test innovative formulations and ensure the quality of all our products during their life on the market.

  • Pump sprays
  • BoV sprays
  • Syrup & Liquid Forms
  • Nasal aspirators
  • Single dose vials
  • Powder & Solvent for oral solution vials
  • Oral Sprays
  • Tablets
  • Cream and gel topical formulation
  • Tablets