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20 ml nasal spray. It is a mechanical spray with booster pump, no propellant gas and with an anatomically designed nasal applicator.

+1 year old

Cleans and highly moisturizes the nasal mucosa.

Isotonic saline solution with 3% dexpanthenol.

Medical Device Class IIa based on an isotonic saline solution with 3% dexpanthenol indicated for babies, children, and adults above 1 year of age.

Recommended in situations that require the washing and removal of nasal secretions and the moisturizing of dry nasal mucosa as consequence of various causes such as rhinitis from flu, allergies, and dry nostrils after surgery, air conditioning and drug treatments.

Water, sodium chloride, dexpanthenol, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, dipotassium hydrogen phosphate, EDTA, benzalkonium chloride, sodium hydroxide

 1.     Shake the bottle before use.

2.     Remove the protective cover vertically.

3.     Introduce the applicator gently in one nostril and press the pump to apply the product.

4.     Allow to drain the excess solution to extract the mucus, and then blow.

5.     Repeat the process in the other nostril to ensure the complete removal of mucus. Apply 1-2 sprays in each nostril several times a day.

6.     Clean the tip with water, rinse and dry.

Contraindications and adverse effects.

-        No adverse effects have been identified for the ingredients at the recommended dosages.

Warnings and precautions.

-        For hygienic reasons and to prevent the transmission of pathogens, this container should not be used by more than one person.

-        Keep out of reach of the young children.

-        In case of a known or suspected allergy to any of the contents of this applicator, as a precaution, it is advisable to avoid using it.

-        Any serious incident that has occurred in relation to the device should be reported to the manufacturer and the competent authority of the Member State in which the user and/or patient is established.

Storage and expiration date.

-        Keep it in a dry and cool place. Maintain below 40ºC and protected from direct sunlight or other heat sources.

-        Do not use the product after the expiry date shown on the box and the bottle.

-        Discard one month after opening.

Shelf life.

30 months.

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